Changes in the composition of the Management Board of CLICO Group


The three founders and owners of the company: Tomasz Ryś, Janusz Jarosz and Roman Piekutowski, currently composing CLICO Management Board, are resigning from the function of managing the capital group and establishing CLICO Group Supervisory Board. The new Supervisory Board of the company decided to appoint a new Management Board composed of:

  • Grzegorz Rospond – President of the Board / CEO,
  • Agnieszka Siewiorek – Chief Financial Officer / CFO,
  • Mariusz Stawowski – Chief Technical Officer / CTO.

“From my point of view, the highest value that we have always believed in all areas of operation is a long-term approach to cooperation and planning. We always look at a longer time horizon, not a shorter one, and in many aspects. Starting with the cooperation in the line: company – human, employee. This guided the founders of the company from the very beginning. When I came to the company in 2005, this long-term approach to relationships was very clearly communicated and continues to this day. With great pride and joy, I accepted the decision of the Supervisory Board to continue the adopted strategy and further strengthen CLICO's position in the region." - said Grzegorz Rospond, CEO of CLICO Group.


“The success of the Polish company, which we have achieved in many European countries, is largely due to our proactive strategy - we constantly analyze and anticipate the needs of the customers in order to be the first to introduce new solutions to the market with appropriate technical support. Understanding the customers' needs takes place through the model of close cooperation between the technical department and the sales department implemented in CLICO. Each vendor in CLICO portfolio is looked after by a pair consisting of "Sales Product Manager" and "Technical Product Manager", who combine business and technical competences to better understand market needs and effectively help partners in new technology projects. Understanding the current and anticipating future needs of customers also brings tangible benefits to vendors whose new solutions are efficiently introduced to the market. " - added Ph.D. Marusz Stawowski - CTO in CLICO Group.

“CLICO has been operating on the advanced technology market since 1991, successfully introducing and promoting innovative solutions of world market leaders in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. From the very beginning, the company set itself a clear strategy implemented as part of value-added distribution (VAD), understood in a way that goes far beyond the common interpretation of this concept. We intend to continue the company's strategy and not give up our ambition to provide difficult and unique solutions, focusing on three areas: security, networking and management. " - commented Agnieszka Siewiorek, CFO in CLICO Group.

Using 30 years of experience, CLICO educates the market by offering, in addition to the best products of leading vendors in the world, a comprehensive set of consulting, educational and auditing services, which supports all types of organizations in the process of improving cybersecurity in the areas of IT, OT and IoT. As an authorized center, CLICO offers highly valued technical support, as well as authorized and in-house training, covering not only technologies and products in the distribution portfolio, but also general issues. In addition to four Polish offices in Cracow, Warsaw, Katowice and Rzeszów, CLICO currently also has local branches in Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Hungary. For years, the company has also been represented in the Baltic countries.

Grzegorz Rospond is a graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków in the field of Management. He has over 16 years of business experience in IT industry, in the area of ​​sales in global partnership structures within a capital group operating in the region of Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. He has been associated with CLICO since 2005, when he appeared shortly after graduating from university in order to gain experience with ambition. With consistency and diligence, he climbed the next levels of his professional career, starting from the position of Sales Development Manager, then from 2012 as Sales Director and Managing Director for the entire CLICO group from 2016. He managed sales and business development teams, and successfully introduced the company to the next territories by establishing local CLICO branches. Since January 2022, he has been appointed the President of the Management Board of CLICO Group, being responsible, i.a., for the implementation of the company's business strategy, preparation of annual and long-term sales plans and management of the sales and business development area in the entire CLICO group.


Agnieszka Siewiorek is a graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow in the field of Management and Organization, specializing in financial management. She has over 17 years of business experience in the field of law, accounting and finance as part of a capital group operating in the region of Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. Experienced tax advisor and statutory auditor. She has been cooperating with CLICO since 2004, when she started working as the Chief Accountant, responsible for the company's accounting, and supervising payments and wages. Then, became a member of the Management Board in subsidiaries established within the CLICO capital group, successively - from 2015 at CLICO S.R.L. (Romania), from 2016 at CLICO Bulgaria Ltd., CLICO SEE d.o.o (Adriatics) and CLICO HUNGARY Kft., from 2017 at CLICO s.r.o. (Czech Republic). Since  2018 being Director of the Finance and Legal Department, responsible for the company's budget, the functioning of the accounting and financial reporting system within the entire capital group and supervision over cooperation with financial institutions. In January 2022, she was appointed to the Management Board of CLICO Group, where, as Chief Financial Officer/ CFO, she is responsible, i.a., for the policy and financial situation of the entire capital group.

Ph. D. Mariusz Stawowski has over 20 years of experience in conducting security projects and audits. Has CISSP, CEH and CCISO certificates. He is an active instructor conducting authorized seminars (ISC)2, CISSP in Poland. He received a Ph.D. in technical sciences at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw for his work in the field of analysis and design of security for network information systems. He is the author of many articles in Polish and foreign IT magazines (including 7 publications in the ISSA Journal) and 6 books on IT security. Member of ISSA Polska, Senior Member. He has been associated with CLICO for 25 years. Initially, as an engineer he participated, among others, in the first implementations of security solutions in Poland, in the following years he consistently built and was responsible for the Technical Department of CLICO. In January 2022 he got appointed to the Management Board of CLICO group as a Chief Technical Officer / CTO, he is responsible, i.a., for the development of the business strategy and management of CLICO technical department in Poland and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.