The Exabeam security management platform Built on advanced data science, deep security expertise, and proven open source big data solutions.





SIEM - Exabeam solution is the leader of the new generation of SIEM products. It works on logs collected from the IT environment. The system provides a set of parsers and event correlation rules to help detect incidents in the network infrastructure. Exabeam provides advanced tools for building custom correlation rules, searching and filtering logs as well as visualizing collected data and creating reports.


UEBA (User and Entity Behaviour Analytics) - In order to raise the security incidents detection level in corporate networks, advanced analytics of data collected from the ICT environment is required. UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) consists a new generation of solutions that strongly support the process of managing and detecting threats. As the leading system of this family, Exabeam precisely analyzes user activity in the network, activities on applications and work performed on computers using advanced machine learning algorithms. Basing on the analysis, it detects a wide range of anomalies in user activities, thus allowing quick detection of: malware infections, data leaks (including sensitive data and personal data), intentional malpractice of users and the entire spectrum of attacks undetectable by conventional security systems.

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