Cryptshare partner webinár


Discover your sales opportunities with Cryptshare.

The need for secure communication solutions is greater than ever - benefit from a strong, innovative product in a growing market. Learn is our partner webinar how to identify sales opportunities with your new and existing customers when it comes to secure and GDPR compliant data exchange via email.

Oktay Umul, Business Development Manager at Cryptshare will show you how your customers can make their correspondence with external communication partners confidential yet simple.

During the session, we'll discuss:

  1. How to secure email communication with Cryptshare: a short overview and live demo.
  2. Where is the biggest potential? Ideal customers and use cases from insurance, finance, govermental sectors.
  3. How to uncover and opportunity: buzzwords to listen for, pain points they address, integration partnership and how to pitch.
  4. Questions and answers.

Take advantage a guided Cryptshare evaluation

Every participant will be able to benefit from a 3-month guided Cryptshare evaluation upon request.

The offer includes:

  • Free 3-month Cryptshare license
  • Technicl support from CLICO team

The webinar will be in English.