Mobile Security

Cryptme is the only solution available on the market whose main function is to provide a discrete voice connection that cannot be intercepted (eavesdropped) or recorded digitally or analog. The use is similar to using a regular cell phone. The creation of an additional access terminal is necessary to ensure proper operation. Communication is only possible with a person with a similar set and access to the service.
Mobile security

Secure communication is particularly important for people whose job requires confidentiality. Among whom may be: business people concerned about any potential activity of their competitors able to cooperate with people having access to systems and technical infrastructure of national secret service, politicians willing to protect themselves from unauthorized control of political opponents connected with the ruling party, people involved in political propaganda, operating in the area of politics and social changes, such as dissidents or activists fighting for human rights and democracy in countries under authoritarian rule, journalists, lawyers and representatives of other professions in which confidentiality is an integral part of their everyday activity.